what is this new trend?

Everyone has their own travel criteria! Where some leave to see other landscapes and discover more, others travel to live a new experience. This is the case with what is currently happening in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup.

However, there is a new trend that is starting making a name for itself among vacationers: casino tourism.

What is it exactly? Why is this phenomenon becoming more and more popular now? Here are some exclusive explanations that we will see in this affiliate article!

Casino tourism: how do you define it?

For years, the games of chance have always aroused people’s interest. Apart from them On the playful and entertaining side, the prospect of winning millions of euros also makes many people dream. This is why many players decide to look for the best casinos to try and hit the jackpot. Indeed, find all the information about casino bonuses at critiquejeu.org.

It is precisely in this perspective that casino tourism was born. As the name suggests, it means traveling precisely to play at the casino. This activity has several notable benefits and opens up new opportunities. With this new concept, tourism and economic activity of a country can take full advantage of it.

Since the end of the health crisis, people want now experiencing new experiences. This time, however, the idea is no longer just spending money, but also earning. Casino tourism perfectly fulfills this objective. That is why many holidaymakers are now opting for this trend.

In other words, this trend no longer concerns professional poker, blackjack or baccarat players. Lovers of luxury, new sensations and discoveries will also enjoy this activity. In addition, the favorite places of casinos are often found in seaside resorts or in star hotels.

Why is casino tourism so popular?

The reasons for this attraction are many. The first point to note, of course, remains the effect of confinement on player behavior. After months of being locked up at home, it is now possible to play in gambling establishments. Many of them even want to try out new land-based casinos.

That’s not all the impact of online casinos also contributes to the popularity of casino tourismj. These sites actually provide bonus casino which has enabled many newbies to try out casino games. There is a lot of information on these topics. so that they can be used properly on the Internet. Others have even managed to master them, thanks in particular demo accounts and training offers.

It is therefore obvious that when activities resume, these new players will want to bet in land-based casinos. It should also be noted that playing slots, poker or scraps in a real establishment is much more interesting. The same applies to monetary gains obtained in real life.

Otherwise, the benefits of casino tourism are particularly impressive. This naturally stimulates the tourism activity of the host city or country. This trend also offers new perspectives for players often disadvantaged by travel agencies. All parties involved therefore each find their own account.

What to expect in casino tourism?

Since this is a new trend, it is possible to estimate an increase in footfall at brick-and-mortar casinos. It is clear that gambling is not yet united. However, this does not stop curious travelers from trying this activity to have a new adventure.

As a reminder, welcome the United States nearly 40 million visitors a year to major casino destinations in the city. This phenomenon also occurs in other parts of the world where gambling is legal. In addition, in France, casinos become more optimistic in 2022.

A marked increase in online players is also expected. In fact, new players have to continuously learn casino games better. What better than online casinos to train in this perspective? As a bonus, you can win money on slot machines or table games.

Note that regardless of casino tourism, casino bonuses have always succeeded Marketing approach. Granted on registration as a welcome, after a first deposit or after winnings, these promotions are very popular. Thus, these offers succeed in retaining players and attracting new users.

Where to do casino tourism?

There are many destinations to try out slot machines. Everything depends entirely on the wishes of each customer. However, here are some ideas:


France today has hundreds of interesting casinos all over the country. It is one of the best casino tourism destinations. Cities such as Paris, but also some seaside resorts such as Deauville are highly recommended. Note that a player has already won a jackpot in one of the casinos in France in record time. This site describes this unprecedented event.

Casino tourism: how do you define it?

United States

It is impossible for a casino player to talk about the United States without mentioning it Las Vegas or Atlantic City. These places are home to the largest casinos in this land of freedom. Apart from their gambling opportunities, these places are also home to great tourist attractions.

le canada

Contrary to popular belief, Canada also has huge potential for casino tourism. This country has several interesting casinos to earn easy money. Be sure to do your research before purchasing your tickets. Local gambling laws vary by province in Canada.

The United Kingdom

London has one of the most prestigious casinos in England. In recent years, the capital has developed several entertainment venues. Of course, the establishments of games of chance must be included in the latter. Like what, London doesn’t just have these historic buildings as tourist attractions!

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