What is the best season to visit Barcelona?

When is the best time to travel to Barcelona Spain? In this travel article that smells good on sunny days, I explain in broad terms when you go to Barcelona.
Barcelona makes you dream. It is one of the major cities in Europe that enjoys the sun almost all year round. With my partner I will introduce you to the different seasons of Catalonia for a dream trip alone, as a couple, with friends or family.

What is the best season to travel to Barcelona with the family?

The seasons to go to Barcelona

What is the best season to visit Barcelona? Barcelona enjoys a mild climate all year round. But the weather and climate still vary depending on the month of the year.

In Catalonia, the climate is typically Mediterranean and even in winter you can walk there without taking off your parka. Conversely, in summer it is hot (maybe even a little too much). The best tourist period to go there is from May to August, but it is also the largest influx of foreigners.

The climate to travel to Barcelona in summer

If you like the heat, summer, and especially August, is the best time to travel to Spain. The sun is shining, the beaches are beautiful, the sky is blue and tourists are everywhere. To avoid too much heat, it is best to get up early to enjoy the freshness of the morning. For example, take a walk through the winding streets of the Gothic quarter of Sant Joan without being too bothered by the heat.

traveling to Spain in the summer, a nice season but many people

Then just laze on the beach at 28°C to 35°C and enjoy the sea breeze that cools the city. In the evening you can enjoy open-air cinemas, various attractions, frenzied parties, restaurants or cafes on the terrace or street performances that are organized for tourists.

Rainy spells are quite rare in summer, but it can happen, like everywhere. On the other hand, you should frankly avoid this season if you are looking for peace or if you can’t stand the heat. Too bad, the seawater averages 24°C in August!

The climate to go in autumn

The best season to enjoy the Catalan capital? Certainly for many travelers, the sea is still warm and there is tranquility in the streets. The sun is still fully present and the temperatures are milder. Away from the August peaks, the closer you get to winter, the cooler it will be. Around November the average temperature is around 15°C. Moreover, it is the rainy season around All Saints’ Day.

Barcelona tourism in autumn

If you like peace and quiet September is the time to go. The tourists have gone home. The concern is that if you have school children, it will be difficult to choose this season to go hiking in Barcelona, ​​except maybe for a weekend.

Autumn also brings its beautiful color palette to the trees. But given the mild climate, it arrives later in Barcelona and the All Saints holidays often reserve nice days. It is also interesting that rents are almost halved compared to July and August!

Festivals and traditions: Day of Catalonia on September 11, La Mercè on September 24

Winter ? The best time to travel to the Catalan capital in Spain?

Yes, if you really want peace and quiet and have the city all to yourself (or almost)! Since it is low season, prices are sacrificed equally on flights and accommodations. With the exception of the Christmas holidays. Unlike France or nearer Madrid, the climate remains cool but not icy. From December to March it is generally about 10 to 15 ° C, crazy right? Not to mention that rain is quite rare in winter, what do people want?

visit museums in winter

And who has never dreamed of eating churros with hot chocolate on the sand in the middle of winter? In any case, the children love it, especially during a heat peak. On some days the weather can reach 20°C!

Barcelona, ​​​​​​Spring, the ideal season to stay there if …

Barcelona is waking up right now. After the winter, the activities blossom and from April the bars and some beaches start to open again. The festive calendar vibrates before bursting on the eve of summer. Primavera Sound and Sónar, the 2 biggest festivals in Barcelona, ​​take place during this season.

The Catalan capital is an ideal destination for a family holiday.
Take a trip to Barcelona in the spring

Temperatures rise quickly as the months go by. In May and June it can even reach 20 to 25°C almost daily. On the other hand, it is still a bit cool in the evening and in the morning. It is better to take out his little wool.

As in autumn, the rain will also come, but much less often. And while the vegetation grows rapidly, the green again permeates the landscapes. You will then have the opportunity to discover the Botanical Garden of Barcelona. This brings together almost 4000 species of plants.

Now it’s up to you to decide when you want to go to Barcelona. But everything will depend on the age of your children and their education. When school is compulsory, you have no choice but to leave when people are there. Good trip.

what is the best season to visit Barcelona with the family