The house HTSM Brique offers the largest roof in Lille

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In Lille, at La Maillerie Villeneuve d’Ascq, there’s now a huge rooftop terrace to enjoy craft beers on tap and a modern bistro menu, but not just…

The house HTSM – Brique (800m2 restaurant) has an incredibly large roof terracewhere it is good to spend an evening or a pleasant moment.

The BIG ROOFTOP is the extraordinary place:

We were invited to the official opening and I admit, it was very nice. Moreover, the weather was good, and it wasn’t until around 9 p.m. that we had to take out the wool.

HTSM – Rooftop Brick House “Hanging Gardens”

The Rooftop Brick house is about 1200m2! Between draft beer and quick snacks, the evening was very enjoyable.

But also this summer it is accessible to everyone. Come and meet as a couple, with friends or colleagues or why not with your family from 5 pm and on weekends at 12 noon, time to relax with a nice view of Lille and its surroundings.

Northern promoter Nhood has announced the opening. These kinds of places can be counted within reach and with this size unique in the area! It is one of the largest green roof terraces in France. Between sun loungers and wooden picnic tables and under parasols, it is good to stay in the Maillerie this summer.

“For more relaxed and festive moments, visitors can relax and enjoy this idyllic setting while enjoying a drink and light catering”announces Nhood

Perched at a height of more than 20 meters, located on a former site of the 3 Suisses, the view is unobstructed of Croix and Villeneuve-d’Ascq. And soon all cranes will also have disappeared from the landscape.

A shared garden

On the property there is also a green space of 2700m2. Not to mention private mini vegetables, a collective garden, beehives, photovoltaic panels and a small garden centre. Some even come from far away to have their own “little” corner of greenery.

It took more than 6 months of preparation and work to achieve this result. More than 1,200 tons of earth was needed to cover the ground and plant the place. And again, the trees and living hedges haven’t grown yet, but it promises plenty of shade and freshness in the future.

The communal garden is managed by the Growsters company. Thanks to this device, city residents can be in a friendly and aesthetic place. But also use the Rooftop if they want to. Click here to reserve your plot.

The little extras of the Hanging Gardens

It is a bit fashionable at the moment, the place also has several city hives installed by beekeeper Achile Milon of the Association Un Coin de Terre Familial. To make the public more aware of the life of bees, several workshops will be organized in the future.

And if we look a little further outside the walls, we also see a series of photovoltaic panels. More than 500m2 (266 panels in the evening) have been placed on the roof. Annual production is estimated at 92,000 kWh. These will be fully sold to EDF. A second patch of panels will be installed in the near future. But it will be used to provide energy to the offices installed in the building.

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