The different activities in Bonifacio during the summer

Corsica is great. This leafy rock in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is both sublime and charismatic. Of all possible travel destinations, Bonifacio is an essential tourist attraction in Corsica. But what are the best activities in Bonifacio, South Corsica?

The city of Bonifacio

The city of Bonifacio was founded in 830. It is located in the very south of Corsica on the cliffs of a limestone peninsula. There are actually two cities in one: the lower city and the upper city.

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This ancient fortress towers above the sea in all its glory. Located on a limestone promontory, it has survived time and wars without losing its pride. Unshakable, it is a cultural, historical and geographical jewel of Corsica. In addition, the inhabitants of Bonifacio first say that they are Bonifacians rather than Corsicans.

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The medieval town is famous. Stroll through the small streets of the city center, discover the hidden heritage with its age-old charm. Lose yourself in this Bonifacian architectural labyrinth from another era. However, be careful, because often everything is quite expensive there. Avoid parking in the city center.

How to see the cliffs of Bonifacio? The Haute-Ville offers a breathtaking view. You can easily admire the cliffs from the sea.

Water activities in South Corsica

Explore the south coast of Corsica. Admire the lion-shaped rock of Roccapina. Discover the legendary staircase of the King of Aragon. See the incredible scenery of cliffs along Corsica’s southern coastline and much more. Enjoy a maritime cruise from Ajaccio, Tiuccia or Proticcio. Or opt for boat rental in Bonifacio with or without a skipper for a day out. Not to mention swimming, lounging on the beach and diving

Water activities in South Corsica

Where to hike in Bonifacio?

This medieval port city is very lively. In addition to the city, the citadel, the cliffs, the beaches or the sea, you can also walk on the hill in front of the citadel. It offers incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea, the city and the white limestone cliffs.

Do not miss the bastions of Genoa (and its gate) or that of the Standard. Over the years, Bonifacio has been able to equip itself with fortifications that ensure the protection of the city.

Where to hike in Bonifacio?

Finally, do not hesitate to take the boat to visit the Lavezzi Islands. Excursions are regularly organized there to take the tourist there. The shuttle ride takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the time of arrival or departure. These islands are protected areas, but it is fascinating to go and see them.

Climb the stairs of Roy d’Aragon

Do you like challenges? Do you have good legs? This activity is a must in Bonifacio. Roy d’Aragon’s stairway cuts through the town’s limestone promontory. With over one hundred and eighty-seven steps to climb (or descend), your little calves will suffer. But you can say “I did it!” “.

Roy d'Aragon staircase

The stairs carved into the cliff lead directly to the sea, where you can admire Sardinia on the horizon in good weather. Then follow the path still dug into the rock to the shore. During walks on the ramparts you can admire the military architecture of different periods.

Bonifacia gastronomy

Who says travel says enjoy local recipes and dishes. Many bars, cafes, troquets, restaurants, hotels and other summer vendors offer you something to eat on site.

The pleasure of dining is essential in Corsica. Bonifacio is not lacking in this regard. The city has its own specialties with authentic flavors and local products such as garlic or eggplant that are very popular. Without forgetting the “pain des Morts”, small sweet pastries filled with raisins and nuts.

Sunbathe on the beaches of Corsica

A trip to the Île-de-beauté cannot be without lazing around and sunbathing on the beaches. Bonifacian nature is exceptional and generous, but also fragile and sensitive. The tourist must pay attention to his environment in order to preserve it. But that doesn’t stop him from taking full advantage of what she has to offer him.

What are the most beautiful beaches in Bonifacio?

  • Balistra Beach – Bonifacio
  • Beach of Cala Longa – Bonifacio
  • Plage de Campo Mezzanoa – Bonifacio
  • Petit Speronea Beach – Bonifacio
  • Plage de Rondinaraa – Bonifacio
  • Grand Speronea Beach – Bonifacio
  • Tonnaraa Beach – Bonifacio
  • Stagnolua Beach – Bonifacio
  • Plage de Sant’Amanza – Bonifacio

Depending on the beach chosen, it can be reached on foot through paths, by car with parking or along the cliffs. Depending on their location, these beaches can be rugged or protected by their environment. Make sure you do your research before going there. Some are overcrowded in summer or, on the contrary, preserved.

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