the 5 must-see places to do on a sailboat

Corsica is an island and sea tourism is in full swing. Between sea trips, excursions by boat, sailboat or catamaran, the possibilities to enjoy the land and the sea at the same time are many. What are the best places to go boating on the Island of Beauty? This is what we will see in this partner article.

Why rent a boat in Corsica?

Let’s start at the beginning. Renting a boat in Corsica is practically unavoidable to take full advantage of the location of the Island of Beauty.

Many cruises stop there to enjoy the beaches or tourist towns. From simple sea cabotage, ferry travel or even a more sporting challenge, navigation is a tourist attraction that has been on the rise in recent years.

Why rent a boat in Corsica?

Especially because on a sailboat you avoid the crowds and can choose your destination at your leisure. A bit like a walk, but at sea.

What is the price of a boat rental in Corsica?

It will depend on the type of boat, the number of people on board, with or without a skipper, with or without a boat license, the type of owner (private, company, etc.), the final destination, the capacity of the boat, the season. , the number of stops and the duration of the rental.

On average, the rental of a boat fluctuates between 150 and 450 euros per day, not to mention the additional costs (insurance, deposit, meals on board, any options, etc.). It all depends on whether it is a sailboat, a motorboat or a catamaran.

You can also rent by half a day or even by the hour for small boats. Otherwise there is also the possibility of excursions, but in this case you are not alone.

5 must-see places to discover by boat

Corsica has more than 600 km of coastline. Something to please everyone and whatever their desires. And with more than 200 beaches, some of them protected, several natural reserves and unmissable places to visit once the boat is at anchor, so many interests to sail in Corsica alone, as a couple, with family or friends.

5 must-see places to discover by boat

But what are the best boat trips on the Isle of Beauty?

Corsican ports

You will have to leave from a port to sail at sea. You might as well take the opportunity to visit one of the main essential ports: Ajaccio, Saint Florent, Bastia, Porto-Vecchio or Bonifacio.

Ajaccio offers the largest fleet of boats. In addition, more than 70% of the rentals are done there.

Ajaccio, Saint Florent and Bastia are served by ferry companies connecting the island to the mainland.

Bonifacio qu’en à lui is next to Propriano Airport.

But if you prefer tranquility, try your luck in the secondary ports along the Corsican coast. In any case, remember that the ports are more expensive than a berth.

The Lavezzi Islands

The archipelago of the Lavezzi Islands is one of the essential places for a boat trip. The Lavezzi Islands are located near Bonifacio. They offer beautiful creeks with turquoise water.

If you have not rented anything, you just need to take a boat shuttle bus to go to Lavezzu Island (the largest of the 7 islands).

You can enjoy the cliffs, the view of the perched houses and finally, on site, the nature reserve managed by the Office for the Environment of Corsica. The lights and the contrasts are really beautiful, it’s even better than a postcard!

boat rental in Corsica

Le Golf de Porto

This gulf is classified as one of the most beautiful sites in the world by UNESCO.

Unless you know the area, it is best to be guided by a skipper who knows the area. The navigable circuits between the caves, at the foot of the cliffs or on the bay of Girolata offer the most beautiful panoramas in the sector.

The original Corsican skippers tell you 1001 stories and other historical anecdotes about these fantastic natural treasures.

The calanques of Piana

It is one of the most beautiful tourist and natural sites in the Island of Beauty. The places are breathtakingly beautiful. Moreover, they also have their place in the UNESCO world heritage.

It is one of the most welcoming maritime locations for tourist boats. With its red cliffs plunging into turquoise waters, no one will resist a small anchorage for a diving holiday or a lazy day in the sun.

Agriates desert by boat

Another essential place to put on your anchor list to visit Corsica by sea.

Les Agriates is located south of Cap Corse, in Saint-Florent. So it’s easy to find a boat to get there. Don’t forget to include a visit to Île Rousse and Calvi in ​​your excursion.

You will find beautiful beaches, such as Saleccia beach and Lotu beach. On the program, fine sand and… just that! There are no restaurants, bars or recreational areas. It is a natural place to be respected in a dream environment.

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