How to organize a trip abroad?

Traveling abroad is a good idea, there are so many beautiful destinations, but if it’s your first time, it can be scary. Except for professional backpackers, a poorly organized trip can quickly become short-lived and turn into a nightmare. How to organize a trip abroad in peace? This is what we will see in this partner article.

Traveling abroad: 5 foolproof tips to avoid stress

Do you want to go abroad? But do you always feel like you’re forgetting something or that you’re not ready? In this travel advice article I give you 5 tips to leave without stress.

How do you park at the airport without stress?

To avoid looking for a free place outside the premises from noon to 2 pm and in complete safety to be able to take your plane without stress, I recommend the Parkos website.

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By using their service, you avoid having to deal with a full parking space, especially during busy periods such as holidays or public holidays.

And did you know? Parking on site is cheaper. You can then take advantage of the many shuttles that connect the car parks to the airport if you don’t carpool with a loved one or if you miss a valet service.

How do you park at the airport without stress?

Take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Some car parks even offer vehicle cleaning or electric vehicle charging services.

Little tips to find your way when you come back, take a picture of your parking space and visual landmarks in the area. It’s simple, free and saves you searching for your vehicle when you return from your trip.

Plan your reservations in advance

Unless you’re going on a whim with the spirit of an excellent adventurer, I recommend a minimum of organization before you go on vacation.

Once you have your destination in mind, make as many reservations as possible, both on the sites and for services, here’s a short list:

  • your return flights (be aware of schedule changes, if you are transferring)
  • your place of residence(s).
  • a rental car or booking a taxi
  • The reservation of certain restaurants,
  • museums and other places to visit,
  • d’excursions,

By booking in advance you can avoid queues, have a table for lunch or dinner in exceptional places, save money, no stress on site and sometimes even benefit from benefits promotions by booking in advance.

Plan your reservations in advance

is being organised

Prepare lots of checklists regardless of the topic. Print all documents necessary for your trip and your stay. Always keep them with you in a briefcase or travel bag. Don’t forget your tickets, passport and/or visa, cash, etc. The other solution is to scan all these documents in PDF format on your smartphone. For the most paranoid, do not hesitate to print your documents in duplicate and entrust them to your spouse, in case of loss or theft…

Plan in advance the necessary vaccines, prescriptions for your medicines in French, but also in English, or even in the language of the country. Some of them also require a prescription for each drug. Don’t forget to check your insurance (and health coverage) to make sure you’re covered locally.

Don’t forget the change! If you want to leave with local currency, look for and take advantage of the exchange offices in your departure city that offer the cheapest services. Then plan an international credit card and sufficient reserve in your special account for your stay. You don’t have to leave with too much cash when you can pay for everything with a credit card!

Oh also, last point, never leave without telling your loved one or someone else! Worst case scenario, leave a note at home with all the details of your trip.

Bags and luggage according to national standards

Visiting the castles of the Loire by bus with grandpa’s backpack is not the same as visiting the United States for 2 weeks!

Bags and luggage according to national standards

If you are traveling by plane, the weight and size of the luggage may vary per offer. The travel conditions in economy class or first class are not the same. Check this with your travel agency and adjust your suitcase and hand luggage accordingly.

In general, a trip is full of activities. So you don’t have to leave with several novels and other magazines about brain activity that take up weight and space in your suitcase. Especially since your smartphone can hold more books than you have time to read, or even movies or audiobooks. Don’t forget an international shipper! ?

Be careful, you will probably need a suitcase or a bag with a TSA padlock. With this secure locking system, the authorities of the country can therefore open your luggage undamaged for a possible search.

And just like the parking lot, I advise you to take a picture of your suitcase and decorate it in a personal way to make it easier to find.

Last little things…

And before departure, check the safety status of the country or region of your future vacation spot, but also the weather, health status (in case of a COVID alert for example), traffic information if you rent a vehicle, etc.

Also set yourself a budget with some wiggle room just in case. Depending on your destination, prices can be completely different compared to France, either significantly more expensive or much lower.

And finally, adapt to the spirit of the destination country. The foreign culture may surprise you. you will have to know how to accept the behavior of the local people, be respectful, learn, understand while remaining attentive to yourself and your loved ones.

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