How to deal with a problem with a travel agency?

Whether it is to book a trip in France or abroad, to book an airplane flight or to book a service as soon as you arrive at your destination, you can rely on a travel agency. This can offer you several advantages over booking yourself: organisation, safety and sometimes savings. Some travel agencies only operate online, but there are still many physical travel agencies in France, independent or franchised (FRAM, Promova, Havas Voyages, etc.).

Despite the benefits this can bring, it can happen that you encounter problems when visiting a travel agency, on the spot during your trip or even during transport. What to do in one of these situations? This is what we will see in this partner article.

how to make a complaint to your travel agency?

The role of a travel agent

In particular, you can book the following services at a travel agency:

  • The journey to your destination (plane, train, bus, etc.);
  • The stay on site including accommodation (hotel, campsite, residence)
  • Additional services on site (catering, etc.);
  • Activities and visits on site;
  • The rental of a car or means of transport on site.

According to your wishes, the travel agency arranges these services for you, and you just have to get carried away.

What problems can you encounter with a travel agency?

Despite everything, it can happen that not everything is perfect and that you are not completely satisfied with your travel agency.

The problems can relate to all the areas mentioned above: an airplane flight has been canceled or delayed, the hotel booked is not at all like the photos, the services did not meet your expectations, you have been refused activities or visits that were nevertheless booked in advance , etc.

It may also happen that the problem encountered is related to the reception on site, either at your travel agency or at a vacation spot.

Who do you contact if you have a problem?

Please note that depending on the nature of the problem encountered, the travel agent is not always the person to contact.

If there is indeed a problem with the staff of, for example, your accommodation or a cultural institution, you should try to solve the problem directly with them.

You should generally report the problem to your travel agency if it is an organizational problem.

If the problem encountered is a cancellation of the trip, please note that, depending on the circumstances (weather conditions, problem with the airline, etc.) and the conditions of your travel agency, the latter may, in some cases, partially or partially refundable. absolutely. In this case, also contact your travel agency for more information.

File a complaint with your travel agency

file a complaint against a travel agency, how?

Try to resolve the issue amicably

If you have a problem with your travel agency, whatever it is, the first step is to try to resolve it amicably by contacting an agency consultant or general customer service.

To do this, you can go on site, go to the agency concerned or use the various contact details it has (phone number, contact form, email address, social networks, etc.).

Submit a formal complaint

If you have been unable to reach a satisfactory resolution through the contact options listed above by contacting your travel agent, you may file a formal complaint.

In most cases, you will then need to write a letter of complaint with all useful information (your contact details, information about your trip, the problem encountered, the solutions you have tried, etc.) and send it by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Send your complaint letter first to the travel agency involved in your problem and, if that is not enough, to the head office (especially if it concerns a franchise).

Apply for a brokerage service

Finally, if you have not received a response or are not satisfied with it 2 months after receiving your letter of complaint, you can appeal to a mediator. The role of mediation agencies is to settle a dispute between a private individual and a company free of charge.

For travel agencies (but also hotels, air or sea transport, etc.) there is a specialized mediator called the “Tourism and Travel Mediator (MTV)”. You can reach him through his website ( or by post at the following address:

Seizures Filing Service
BP 80303
75823 PARIS cedex 17.

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