how do you make your short-term rentals suitable for families?

We all know that family vacations for parents with young children can sometimes be more stressful than wonderful. As a result, it is up to holiday home owners to adapt their rentals to the needs and expectations of families. If you’re a parent or rental manager, discover some best practices for tailoring your short-term rentals to families in this partner article.

Provide entertainment for children

In a vacation home, it is essential to have rich and interesting entertainment activities. Therefore, you should plan various entertainment activities that can keep children and their parents busy and entertained.

For example, you can create a small playroom where the children come to play and have fun. Likewise, you can also offer board games, animated evenings, reading books, toys, entertainment or educational films, swimming and many other entertainment activities for children.

Make the rooms comfortable enough

In order for parents to spend pleasant and wonderful nights, it is advisable to make the rooms better equipped and more comfortable. To do this, your rooms must be well equipped and protected (mattresses and firm pillows, cradles for babies, night light, etc.).

Equip kitchens and dining rooms

One of the reasons why parents like to travel as a family is to spend pleasant moments with their children. That being said, they are therefore happy to offer their children very tasty family meals.

So make sure that all your kitchen appliances are well protected and functional. Check that washers and dryers are working efficiently. If necessary, provide the parents with recipe books and useful and practical utensils. Please reserve a super-safe place for parents to store dangerous items.

In dining rooms, opt for high chairs in dining rooms. Don’t forget to secure sharp edges and corners.

Strengthen the security of your short-term rental

The safety of rental properties is an essential aspect that most parents rely on when entering into a rental property.

To do this, in addition to complying with seasonal accommodation regulations, you must also:

  • Reserve a super-safe place where parents can store cleaning products and other child-sensitive products;
  • Install guard rails around the indoor and outdoor pools and around the stairs to protect children from accidental falls;
  • Safe sockets and other dangerous elements (oven, kettle, etc.);
  • Remove wires, cables and temporary structures that may be visible and dangerous to children or even adults;
  • Provide emergency equipment to avoid controversial and dramatic events;
  • Install non-slip bath mats in every bathroom.

Meet the specific needs of parents

You cannot consider or anticipate all of the specific needs and expectations of parents. That is why we recommend that you consult with each family you host to understand their specific needs and expectations. This way you can offer them an impeccable and dynamic service. Be open to dialogue and don’t hesitate to suggest ideas to your guests.