5 fall activities to have fun outdoors with the family

Today I propose 5 activities to do outdoors with children, to enjoy autumn. Even though the weather is getting cooler, there are still fond memories of summer in early fall. However, the freshness sets in. It’s not winter yet and this season offers us multiple opportunities to have fun outdoors and forget about fencing.

How can you have outdoor family fun in the fall? This is what we will see in this partner article.

5 fall activities to do with kids

What can kids do outside this season?

5 outdoor activities to do with your kids in the fall

The park

Even when it’s still cool, the park and other outdoor games for kids are one of the most classic solutions for spending time with the family.

To get out of everyday life, search on Goole Map or any other application for the different parks near you. Within a limited radius you have the opportunity to find parks of several hectares. It’s still more fun than the neighborhood park with its swing frame and spider web. Beware, I’m not denigrating them, it’s just to see bigger, get some air, get some fresh air and why not even, if the weather is nice, have a surprise picnic by a pond.

Play in the dead leaves

If you have a large garden with trees, this is an opportunity to have fun while working. Because yes, we will have to rake up all the dead leaves. But it’s also an opportunity to let the kids have fun with it before throwing it on the compost heap.

Kids love jumping into piles of fallen leaves or throwing them all over the place like giant snowflakes. It’s fun, physical and extremely funny. Of course we have to play the game and not put them down because they will be everywhere.

Otherwise, you can also go to the woods or forest to do the same. ;-D

The forest

Indispensable in autumn, the forest often combines the two previous points.

In autumn the trees are beautiful, the air fresh, the colors gold, red, brown and ochre. It’s an opportunity to discover nature, enjoy special outdoor activities, run, explore and why not make your hut with fallen branches.

You can also create a herbarium to learn and recognize the different trees, collect dead leaves for artistic activities, and continue the wildlife adventure when you get back home.

art and nature

Going outside, in the woods, in the countryside and not even by the sea, is an opportunity to dream of LAND ART.

The aim is to create an ephemeral work without degrading or polluting nature. All you have to do is use the materials you find around your outing (pebbles, dead leaves and branches, etc.) and create a work of art as a family.

It’s collaborative, fun, exciting and frankly super cool.

From the small or large mandala, a plant weave, an abstract pattern or even a zen tower, the choice is huge. There are no rules as long as you respect your surroundings.

Preparations for Halloween

Although this celebration is not as successful as in the United States, many now limit themselves to decorating their homes and enjoying the products and colors of this season.

Some farms offer to sell their produce with the harvest from their fields. This is an opportunity to discover the farm and choose its pumpkins and other pumpkins to decorate the house.

If Christmas comes ever earlier, let’s not jump over the sheep too quickly. You might as well take advantage of every event, season and festivities to teach kids about the passage of time.

Take the opportunity to make cookies and pumpkin pies, or take a break with a good book under the autumn sun.

Image credit: pexels.com