3 tips to keep your car in good condition?

A car that is kept in good condition will last longer. And yet it is more pleasant to settle in a clean and comfortable car? In this partner article we will see some essentials to keep your car in good condition. Especially if it is to resell it afterwards.

How do you keep your car healthy?

What do you prefer in the used market if you have one clean and maintained and another abandoned car for the same car model you are looking for?


If you see the body first, you look inside as soon as you open the door. Regular cleaning prevents dust buildup, junk food, leftover kid snacks, empty water bottles and other parking fines. We will also remember to regularly replace the carpets of our clio 4, Renault Scenic or even our Peugeot 607. However, be careful with miracle products and stocks. It is best to buy from trusted sites such as Carpetcar.co.uk.


Cleaning a car is just as much on the inside as it is on the outside. Whether it’s hand washing, turn on your little darlings when needed, whether it’s in an automatic or semi-automatic manual washing center (the subscription is cheaper and forces you to go back), it’s your bodywork that you will be grateful.

Indeed, dirt and even more bird droppings quickly attack your vehicle depending on the weather or the seasons. You can even apply gloss and other anti-rust products if you want, it’s even better.

The mechanic

Every year it is advisable to follow up your car with your mechanic. Overhaul of tyres, brakes, various filters and so on. Without forgetting the technical control when the date arrives or the emptying. To do this, you must follow your car’s health record. Indeed, the main points to review are not the same. Not to mention the timing belt (and it hurts), once the due date arrives.

In addition, if you regularly maintain your car, you give it your fingers in the nose.

But let’s not forget the small, regular gestures at the level check:

– brake fluid
– the coolant
– windscreen washer products
– engine oil

But also tire pressure. Plus, I’ve personally even invested in an electric pump (that works on the cigarette lighter) that allows me to do tire pressure or inflate a small puncture while finding a garage, whenever and wherever.

The best thing is to let your car sleep under a box or in a garage.